• GPS + White drops

GPS+ White-Drop 200

Helps to clear slime in blocked noses, slime

which is stuck and tear ducts which are not

working properly. Affected pigeons will have

swollen heads, bright red throats, moist eyes

and poor stamina.

Dosage and instructions for use: Drop 1 to

2 drops of GPS+ White-Drop 200 onto

each nostril, then hold the head firmly to

ensure that the drop runs into the nostril

properly; as soon as the eyes start to tear

(which means that the tear ducts are

open) you can release the head of the

pigeon. If the eyes do not tear, repeat

the treatment. Shake before use. The

GPS+ White-Drop 200 can also be given

shortly before basketing. The drops

must be ingested properly. If the drops

remain on the nostril it is blocked and

several treatments will be required. It

is recommended that you do not basket

these pigeons.

Contents: 10 ml treatment for racing and

ornamental pigeons

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GPS + White drops

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